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"We have a single pipe steam system that was connected to an oil boiler with a hot water coil that was 40+ years old… The project took a total of just 3 days and we had hot water available every night - I did not expect this at all." Erica- Medford, MA


Many people think steam heat and hot water heating systems function essentially the same, though they are really quite different. While steam heat is one of the oldest heating technologies, it’s not always the most efficient. If you have an old system, it doesn’t mean you need to change it out to have a quiet, efficient system. Unfortunately, misunderstandings about functionality extends even to professional plumbing and heating pros who often do not truly understand the idiosyncrasies of these complex systems.


Steam heating systems often get a bad rap due to hammering pipes, noisy or leaking air vents, uneven heating, and sometimes much higher than normal fuel bills.  Many people call a local plumbing or heating contractor who is unable to properly diagnose or repair these problems.  They often tell the customer that this is the way steam heating systems operate and sell them a new hot water or forced air heating system.


The truth is steam is not supposed to be noisy, uneven, or expensive to operate. Regular maintenance of these systems ensures that they are operating safely, quietly, and efficiently. One of the biggest issues we see is a result of “repairs” being doing incorrectly little by little throughout the system over time. We are uniquely qualified to repair and maintain these systems in your home or building, attending specialized courses on the topic, spending time researching the history of the heating units and system architecture, components from various manufacturers, and other facets. Daniel Cadotte not only has a history of experience working hands-on with steam heat systems, but offers clients an innate sense for dialing in adjustments for the greatest efficiency.


Some of the services we offer for your home or building with a steam heating system are:

  • New boiler installation

  • Complete system evaluation of your one pipe, two pipe, or vapor system.  We will look at the whole system and make suggestions on how to improve it and how to correct any issued that you may have.

  • Steam boiler annual maintenance

  • Re-pipe existing boiler to manufacturers specs

  • Radiator installation, replacement, and repair

  • Repair steam leaks

  • Replace radiator and system vents

  • Repair or replace radiator and system traps

  • Troubleshooting of systems that aren’t working properly. (banging pipes, spitting vents, uneven heating, high fuel bills, etc.)


Check out some case studies featuring our Steam Heat expertise HERE.

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