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"It was very stressful when the heating system was down in cold weather, and Dan's service really brought me peace of mind.”

Licenses & Certifications
  • Journeyman Plumber License #26217

  • Master Plumber License #13544

  • Master/unrestricted Sheet Metal Worker License #10335

  • Certified Aquapex Installer

  • NCI Certified Combustion Analyst

We serve the greater Boston area from Middleton to Needham and Winthrop to Wellesley, with everything in between. Contact Us today to see if we service your area.


“Daniel was able to solve a plumbing problem I had that a previous plumber tried 3 times to solve but couldn’t. He did a great job, was reasonably priced, always on time and cleaned up after finishing his work. I was so impressed I hired him for a second job on the spot. I would highly recommend Daniel for any plumbing issues you may have.” - Kathleen, 2019 • Medford, MA

“Dan did the original install of our boiler prior to our purchase of our condo approximately 10 years ago…at some point in January of that first year, it completely shut off. Seeing Dan's magnet on the boiler, I called and he was there within the hour. When he realized I didn't know the first thing about furnace maintenance, he politely told me that I needed to keep the water at a certain level. No charge for the visit and no solicitation for referrals or a positive review somewhere. I was grateful for his kindness. When our water heater died about 5 years ago, I again called Dan. He was there the next day with a new unit - timely response, quick and professional installation, and fair pricing. About a month ago, I had my third contact with Dan in 10 years. I had mistakenly overfilled the boiler and needed some advice. He returned my phone call less than 30 minutes later, which I appreciated. When I told him my address, he immediately knew exactly which boiler system he had installed and walked me through the instructions for emptying the water - no charge. 3 contacts in 10 years, all handled in a timely and professional manner. My experience with Dan has been strictly related to boilers and water heaters, but based on his excellent response and professional work, I highly recommend him for any plumbing work that falls within his scope of expertise.” - Christopher, 2018 • Medford, MA

“Dan Cadotte and his team were excellent in every aspect of their work. Responsiveness, ease of scheduling, patience with my questions, timeliness of the installation, clean up, courtesy, and overall high quality work. They went above and beyond in all categories. Dan even came by two weeks after installation to make sure everything was working as expected. He was easy to work with, easy to schedule, and took care of scheduling/managing all the additional contractors needed for the job (Electrician, Chimney liner folks, oil removal folks). I'm really happy with the new boiler and how smoothly the whole process went. I highly recommend them.” - Eric, 2018 • Medford, MA


“Dan converted my old oil heating system to a high efficiency gas system (Burnham Alpine) in 2014. It has been working great for 4+ years without a single issue until yesterday when the 2nd floor heating zone stopped working… After several back and forth email communications, he identified a potential problem with my thermostat and suggested what I could do if I felt comfortable, otherwise he would come out to my home for the fix. So I followed his instructions… the heating system kicked on. I am so grateful for his quick help to fix the issue during the weekend. It was very stressful when the heating system was down in cold weather, and Dan's service really brought me peace of mind.” - Cheng, 2018 • Waltham, MA


“Can't say enough good things about Dan and his service.” - Matt A., 2018 • Melrose, MA


I have had Dan perform our plumbing and heating work for years now and am very pleased with his work.” - Elizabeth, 2017 • Somerville, MA


“Dan did an exceptional job. He is very responsive, uses good material, is meticulous in his work and came in at a competitive price. He also made me very aware of the rebates and provided all the paperwork for the rebates.” - Rita, 2016 • Medford, MA


“Dan replaced an old gas boiler with a new one; to do this, they also had to relocate our gas HW heater. Dan did a great job of evaluating the technical needs of the job, and their installation was clean and professional… they were very prompt and responsive.” - Gary, 2016


“I am impressed by their response time and the good work. Great job!” - Samsom, 2015 • Needham Heights, MA


“Daniel was on-time, thorough and did a fantastic job. He even fixed a very minor gas leak without charging me. After asking several people for referrals and talking with different plumbers, I would highly recommend going with Daniel.”

David, 2015 • Cambridge, MA


“After Dan reviewed tankless and standard water heater options, I chose to replace two leaking 50 gal. gas water heaters with a new 75 gal. unit. Dan and Charlie were highly competent, professional and courteous, and I plan to hire them again for other plumbing projects.” - Walt, 2015 • Arlington, MA


“…did a great job installing new boiler and reworking some old non-code pipes under the unpleasant environment that was my mother’s low clearance basement.” - Dave, 2015 • Medford, MA


“Daniel was responsive from my first call.  He scheduled a date and time convenient to me.  He arrived promptly at the scheduled time.  He worked in less than optimal conditions but quickly got the job completed, removed the old water heater and all trash from the install and was nothing but extremely professional throughout the entire experience.”

- Beth, 2015 • Cambridge MA


“We noticed a small leak in a basement pipe and applied a patch. Called Dan the next morning and he came over at the end of a long day's work to assess the problem. He explained that the old pipes needed replacing and gave us a quote later over the phone. The work was scheduled for the following week… He finished the whole thing in one day and cleaned up the space very well before he left. We don't know how the cost would compare with another company, we would still have gone with Dan. Dan has worked on our house several times and we have found that his workmanship is excellent and he is a trustworthy person.  For example, he changed the heating from oil to gas about 10 years ago when we first moved in. He guided us through the decision-making process and did the necessary paperwork to get new equipment from Keyspan. When the inspector came, he asked us who had done the conversion, remarking that the work was of the highest standard. Every repair has been effective, good value for money, and expertly done.  Even though his time is in demand, he does not make us feel pressured or hurried. He answers questions fully so we can get a clear understanding of what the work entails.” - Suzanne, 2015 • Malden, MA


“Dan is professional and easy to deal with.“ - Carol, 2014 • Chelsea, MA


The workers were prompt, diagnosed the problem correctly -- a poorly working vent fan -- then ordered and replaced the fan in a second visit.  I paid the full amount, but they told me that the fan was very likely covered under warranty.  They pursued this, and it took them some work, but they followed through and I was reimbursed the $600 cost of the fan.  Great job.” - Jonathan, 2014 • Belmont, MA


“Over the summer, Dan worked with our other contractors to install the new gas line during our kitchen remodel.  He was extremely flexible dealing with our requests and the other contractor's schedules. I told Dan I wanted to convert the oil boiler after the oil ran out in my tank… They came out to clean out the boiler and flue and then installed the new burner, all in one day. The burner works great and we saved quite a bit without the high oil bills this winter.  We highly recommend Dan.  He explains what he is going to do and sticks to his quote.  He is punctual and contacts you when he is coming or if he is running late.  He is very thorough and does neat work.  He was careful that his tools and soldering did not damage anything.  He cleans up after himself.  On top of that, he is a very nice guy.” - Mike, 2014 • Newton, MA


“Installed new gas boiler and hot water heater. This was a huge task with a lot of complications that Mr Cadotte addressed quickly and thoroughly.” - Natasha, 2014 • Boston, MA


“Work went very well. He is meticulous and highly organized and knows what it is doing. He is our plumber of choice and we are happy with Daniel.” - Rolf, 2014 • Boston, MA


“What I appreciated most about this particular job was the turnaround time: total time from the time I first contacted Daniel until we had a new water heater was something like six hours.  It was such a relief to have an emergency situation addressed on a priority basis.   Also, throughout the process, I appreciate Daniel's quick responsiveness by phone or email.  I've had a couple of other non-emergency jobs done by Daniel, and was also well satisfied with those jobs.”

- June, 2013 • Lexington, MA


“After finding the company on Angie's list and using Dan in our last home, we didn't think twice about calling him to work in our new place.  They replaced our water heater, connected our appliances and performed a number of other smaller repairs on the heating and plumbing systems.  Dan gave good advice about what was and was not worth doing on our systems and got everything working as we expected.” - Jenn, 2013 • Newton, MA


“The installation went without a hitch and the job was completed on schedule.  Dan ensured that all paperwork and billing was in order  so that  our application for a MassSave Heat Loan and National Grid equipment rebate was easy.  When National Grid did the installation inspection, the inspector told me he " had never seen such a neat install for this type of system." - William, 2012 • Medford, MA


“I hired Dan to complete an oil to gas boiler conversion and install an indirect hot water heater.  Dan was a pleasure to work with from the initial appointment to quote the work throughout the project to completion.  We have a single pipe steam system that was connected to an oil boiler with hot water coil that was ~40 years old. Starting at the initial Dan showed that he was very knowledgeable about steam systems … The project took a total of just 3 days and we had hot water available every night - I did not expect this at all…After the system was installed Dan walked me through how the system works and pointed out the important maintenance tips.  A week after the system was installed I received a copy of the paid invoice in the mail with a $50 refund check since we overpaid.  How often does that happen?  Dan is a knowledgeable professional and a honest, upstanding business man.  I will be using him again for all my plumbing needs.” - Erica, 2012 • Medford, MA


He spotted poor workmanship from a prior gas plumber that I had used and won't use again and corrected it while he was here. Takes pride in doing things right. - Francis, 2008 • Medford, MA


He showed up on time to do the work. He was very professional while he was working.” - Jessica, 2008 • Malden, MA


“I recommend this plumber. He… understands steam heat… is responsive to phone calls. Prices are fair… did not have to wait long for an appointment.” - Paul, 2007 • Newton, MA


“Dan gave me quotes on a few different configuration options that we had discussed. While it took a little time to pin down a start date (it was the beginning of the heating season, so he was very busy), once that was done he showed up on time and did an excellent job on the piping and installation of all of this. He even stayed until almost 9 pm the day of the actual boiler replacement to make sure we had heat. He came back to clean the boiler after about two weeks, which is often necessary after a new install, but not always included. He was happy to explain things to this curious homeowner as well, which I appreciated.” - Tom, 2006 • Medford, MA


“Daniel Cadotte was very accommodating to our schedules… We did not know the nature of the water heater problem, he tested everything and found the problem in a very reasonable amount of time.” - Anthony, 2005 • Boston, MA


“Daniel came to fix my gas boiler when the circulator pump broke and I had no heat… His first job wound up taking all day, but he… came that evening after a full day’s work. He was very professional, did great work and charged me a fair price. I couldn’t have asked for better service.” - Perry, 2004 • Somerville, MA

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