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New Bathroom Construction- Arlington, MA

This renovation included installation of a new master bath and walk-in closet where a bedroom had previously been in a nearly 100 year old home. There were a number of challenges with this project including atypically sized external wall framing which made running vent piping more complicated, working around floor joists to minimize cutting them in order to install toilet and bath drains, as well as running entirely new hot and cold water supply, waste pipe and hot water pipe for heat from the basement, two floors away.

Working from the planning stage with the homeowner we were able to ensure that the new piping maintained a tight profile over which faux beam soffits were built on the two floors below the bathroom to hide the piping. The client opted to reuse an existing radiator, which we cut supply to and tied off during construction in order for it to be relocated on the other side of the room. We ran all piping, and only shut off heat and hot water once all components were in and ready to connect. Project also included all rough-in plumbing work, all final installation of fixtures for an overhead rain shower, bathtub, sink, toilet and hot water radiator, as well as all follow-up to ensure all facilities were running smoothly.


US boiler/Burnham • Lochinvar • Uponor • Watts Radiant • Bradford White • Rinnai • A.O Smith • State • Ruud • Rheem • Symmons • Kohler • Runtal

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